General Product Information

The “Freesound” isolation booths/sound studios are available in three standard models:


Standard Freesound Sound Studio models

50MM soundstudio  80 mm Sound studio  Double wall sound studio
 50mm sound studio  80mm sound studio Double wall sound studio

The construction of all models ensures optimal soundproofing, suppressing noises from the outside and the inside, while maintaining natural and undistorted sound inside the studio. The insulation method guarantees a minimal echo time at optimal absorption capacity. The design facilitates a perfect acoustic representation of the sound produced at any intensity.

To meet the full spectrum of preferences, the “Freesound” sound studio are available in various standard sizes, referred to as type 0, I, II, etc. In addition, customized sound studios can be made to order in nearly any size and shape. The smallest standard sizes are ideally suited for use by one or two people. The biggest sizes are even large enough to accommodate band rehearsals. Expansion at a later stage is not a problem either. The sound studio is constructed approximate 30mm or more from the existing wall, creating a hollow wall that also provides additional insulation.

Standard Freesound Sound Studio features

The standard features of the “Freesound” isolation booths/sound studios are:

  • a door with a window fitted with safety glass
  • ventilation panels equipped with air shafts that supply fresh air for the studio and carry off ‘used’ air
  • cable duct (passage for thinner power cables)
  • mounting fixtures for light-weight objects (such as fluorescent lights)
  • tape and assembly materials

The “Freesound” isolation booths/sound studios are constructed from a number of panels, which are easy to assemble. The panels are interchangeable, meaning that the door or a window panel can be placed anywhere you like. The panels consist of an outer sheet of 1.5mm steel plate and an inner sheet of 1mm perforated plate metal. Soundproofing materials are sandwiched between the two sheets, ensuring optimal soundproofing and reducing the echo time to a minimum.

To enhance safety, the sound studio panels are made of non-flammable materials. The entire construction receives a durable coat of off-white paint. Depending on your preferences, the door can be mounted so it swings open to the inside or the outside. Placing the hinges so the door opens to the left or the right is also not a problem.