Sound Studio Double Wall – Model


The double walled “Freesound” sound studio is the ideal solution for optimal sound reduction. The construction of the sound studio can be seen as two studios in one.

The double wall of the studio is based on the box inside a boxprinciple. The buffer of air created between the two studio walls achieves higher sound reduction. This model achieves soundproofing values between 40 and 45db. (graph of the measurements) The sound levels measured depend on the surrounding area and the space in which the studio is placed.

Standard weight and types

When calculating the external dimensions, remember that the air shafts

protrude farther than the size listed; the length of the air shafts still needs to be added. The additional length is 125mm for a normal air shaft and 160 mm for an air shaft with a built-in fan. Of course we can also supply studios in sizes that meet other specifications; ask us about the options.The weights of the sound studios are also listed at the left in the “Weight” menu.

button-double-weight button-double-dimensions


A detailed floor plan of each type of studio is available (in PDF format). You will need Acrobat Reader to open the files. Download the program free here.