Soundproof Cubes

Esmono Sound BV Sound Studios are also called Soundproof Cubes. The term Soundproof Cube literrally explains what Esmono Sound Studios are about. A cube which is sound proof, which serves for musicians to be able to practice and perform their musical aspirations.soundproof cube

Various soundproof cubes

There are quite some different kind of soundproof cubes with different purposes. They all have one purpose in common which is reducing sound production. Besides soundproof cubes there are also office cubes to create a quiet working environment and stimulate working progress. Esmono Soundproof Cubes are specially designed for musicicians.

Studio Cube

The Esmono Soundproof cubes are often used as a studio cube to record songs and tracks. The studio cubes are built with various panels, of which the outer layer is made of sheet steel. The inside layer is made of perforated plate. The standard studio cubes are built with a door and a security glass window. A good ventilation is important for the supply of fresh air, therefore the studio cubes have various ventilation panels. The soundproof cubes can be made with different variations on wall thickness, amongst which are the 50 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm and double wall soundproof cubes.

Soundproof cubes for different purposes

The soundproof cubes are mostly used by musicians. The most common musicians which make use of our soundproof cubes are musicians who play the drums. Besides practicing an instrument, the Esmono Studio Cubes can also be used for recording music, singing and other musical expressions.